Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jesus in your dreams

WHEN JESUS APPEARS IN YOUR DREAMS - and helping slow turtles make it home?

jesus as a crossing guardJesus has appeared to many people in their dreams throughout the years. I thought it would be a blessing to share with you some of these experiences of others as well as a few from my own life. He usually follows some precise patterns when He reveals Himself so I have decided to share some basic dream keys that I think will help you in understanding the ways of the Lord -that is if He ever decides to appear to you in one of your dreams. Have you ever asked?

Now I'm sure the picture to your left might seem a little offensive if you take it in the wrong spirit, but I took it as quite humorous. I mean-what an awesome concept-Jesus protecting children as they cross a road. And what's wrong with that? The Bible says unto the pure all things are pure-so I found this to be quite funny. Besides He is the good shepherd who cares for His sheep. It's possible the person who made this may have had other intentions, but only our Lord knows what was in their mind when they edited this. By the way if you look closely at this picture Jesus is wearing sandals.

One of the reasons I have included this is because Jesus does appear to people in many different ways and we need to understand them. Here are a few little keys to help you.If Jesus ever appears to you in your dream in your bedroom - this usually means that He is communicating intimacy and relationship. If He appears to you in your kitchen - it usually relates to some area of service or preparation necessary for your life. If He appears in your livingroom - it usually means He is trying to help you with family matters or He is trying to help you relate to Him in a more casual friendly atmosphere.
man in mirrorIf He appears to you in the bathroom there may be areas of your life that need to be cleaned, washed, or removed. This relates to areas that we need to change. Biblically this is referred to as "repentence." A bathroom is where you look in a mirror to look your best as well clean out impurities in your life. Maybe it's time for a new you. He also may appear in a dream in your front yard. This usually means He is trying to speak to you about your future. I have also found that when He appears in dreams in someones back yard, He is helping to clean up areas of the past. When He appears in  a driveway or parking lot this usually means that you are in a time of transition, and He is giving you wisdom and direction for the next leg of your journey with Him.
Now these are simply keys to help with areas of dream interpretation. This is not always exact, but turtle crossing 2these are just some things to be aware of. A friend of mine actually had a dream in which they saw Jesus as a crossing guard. Yes, that is why I included the above illustration. In my friends dream there were a group of turtles all waiting to cross the road. (By the way you will have to read one of my turtle stories in this section for a greater understanding.) Anyway, as these turtles began to cross the road, Jesus stopped traffic on either side and stood there with an orange crossing guard uniform. (I could only find this uniform in pink.)
box turtleThere was one particular turtle that seemed much slower than the others. Once all the turtles had crossed the road safely to the other side Jesus patienly waited for this one turtle until he too had crossed over like the others. What a great illustration. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me for such is the kingdom of God." Maybe you are like that little turtle. Turtles are sometimes hardnecked, have hard shells, and are slow to do just about anything. This is a perfect picture of many of us. I think the Holy Spirit gave this dream to my friend to let her know that Jesus is much more watchful and caring and patient than perhaps we have realized.
If you're like that turtle at times Jesus might need to appear to you in one of your dreams to encourage you and help you make it across the roads of life safely to the other side. One last dream I will share really helped me with communicating the gospel to a friend of mine. I tryed to tell her over and over again that Jesus loved her but to no avail. It seemed like I was getting nowhere until one day she ran up hurriedly to my desk at work. She was all excited and I asked why?
i love you roseShe said Jesus came to her in a dream and handed her a rose. What really helped her find her true love was the little note that was attached to a string that was tied to the rose. It read, "I love you-signed JESUS."Now you may say that is all fine and good, but how can I know that it is really Jesus if He appears in one of my dreams. Oh don't you worry. If He chooses to reveal Himself to you-you will know. Trust me-you will know.

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