Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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FUNERALS, SCARS, GRANDMA'S AND KITTENS - Understanding when you lose a loved one.

I lost both of my parents way too early in life to various sicknesses before they even got to become grandparents to all three of my children. When someone like a family member or a friend passes on it is usually a difficult time in our lives dealing with the grief and sense of loss. Even if we know this person was a believer and is now experiencing their new life in heaven with our Lord, there is still a very obvious grieving process that  is OK to go through. I have been to many funeral services and even conducted some myself in which there was great celebration over a loved ones passing on to heaven. But even though they are now with Jesus it is still hard to deal with all the questions, memories, possible feelings of guilt, or wondering-could I have done more or could I have done something to have prevented this from taking place.
The Bible says that it is appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgement. ( Hebrews 9:27) This verse obviously contradicts what many Eastern based religions teach that we are somehow able to come back to earth for another try-either as a baby or an animal or insect. This sort of belief leaves people very confused and so they explain everything with the expression "Karma." I wanted to share a dream regarding this that I think will bring greater comfort to those who have lost loved ones. I was in a churches basement asleep in Kansas City after a Promise Keepers men's rally when I had this particular dream that involved my earthly father.
In my dream I found myself sitting in a light blue colored room that had two chairs in it and two doors. I blue roomwas sitting down in one of the chairs when all of the sudden the other door opened up and in walked my dad. I remember clearly that He sat down next to me in the empty chair and began to explain somethings to me about heaven, my life and our family. My dad used to have a scar that he received in a car accident all the way from his eye to his mouth. While I was listening to Him talk to me I noticed that my dad looked about 20 years younger and that his scar was gone. He actually looked great. After talking to me for awhile he then stood up and gave me a big hug and then left the room.
mike shepherdI then felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me very gently. When I looked up I realized that the experience that I had just had with my dad had all been a dream. Pastor Mike Shepherd (the one pictured in the middle) was the one who was shaking me and believe it or not he woke me up to tell me that my dad had just passed away the night before and I needed to return back home immediately for the funeral. I knew my dad was very sick at the time, but I really had no idea that he would pass so suddenly. I believe the Holy Spirit gave me this dream to comfort me and prepare me for my dad's passing.
Now I am not saying that it was my dad himself that was in that room with me, but I do believe that God gave me this dream to be an encouragement to many others. When we do finally pass on to be with our Lord we will have no more scars on our physical bodies and even though we will be recognizable just like Jesus was when He appeared to His disciples there will be some major differences including our age. Even though I have just touched on this, I also want to share about what happened to my grandmother. This is really a cute little story and it will also be quite a blessing to you-I am sure.
grandma hand bibleAbout a month before my grandma passed away I had a dream that I remember as clear as if it were yesterday. In my dream I was sitting in a chair when all of the sudden I felt a little tug on my pants leg. I looked down to see what it was and I saw my grandma down by my feet - only she was about 8 inches tall. She then began to climb up my pants leg and stood on my knees and panted as though she had just climbed a mountain. She then began to walk in circles around my lap just like a little kitten does when they are trying to find the most comfortable place on your lap to lie down. Well this is exactly what my grandma was doing. She circled a few times going from knee to knee until she found her place and then she curled up in a little ball just like a kitten would and fell fast asleep on my lap.
I knew that this was my Lord's way of letting me know to gather up the family because she was getting kitten asleepready to go home to heaven and be with Jesus. Sure enough one month later she went on peacefully and quietly in her sleep in the nursing home to be with the One who she loved all her days. I hope this has been an encouragement to you if you have loved ones that have passed on. Just remember that they are in a place in which there is joy forevermore, they will never grow old and depending on your age-they probably look a whole lot brighter and younger than you and I.
pets in heavenThe best part is that if they allowed Jesus to live in their temporary dwelling place here on this earth ( by revieving Him as Savior and Lord) then He welcomes us gladly to be in His home in heaven to live in us forevermore. And one last thing. Not only will we be reunited with our loved ones, but I have talked to people that have been to heaven and walked those streets of gold. There is one place they have visited called "animal mountain" in which God has even kept many of our most precious pets for us to hold and enjoy once again.
I have ten books in my library of people that have been to heaven.  Please look up the names Oden or Lois Hetrick or Choo Thomas or Anna Rountree or Jesse Duplantis. You will be so forever glad that you did.

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